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Our Services include:

  1. Assist to define a study;
    • Define a research title or question;
    • Conduct a systematic review to find studies;
    • Appraise and select studies by using a systematic and standardized approach to the selection of studies with inclusion and exclusion criteria;
    • Summarise and synthesise results by describing the review’s design and conduct, and presenting the results, and performing meta-analysis if necessary;
    • Describe the applicability of the results giving the overall validity, strength, and applicability of any results and conclusions;
  2. Assist to calculate sample size;
  3. Perform randomization;
  4. Assist to write protocol;
  5. Assist in ethics approval or grant/fund application by offering right statistical methods and analyses;
  6. Construct a database to enter and store research data with PIN protested or a database can be used by multi-users;and
  7. Guide and perform statistical analysis, interpret outputs, cite statistical methods used or review article to be submitted.